Welcome to the official website of the RedArc reel of Spro Sports Professionals

A whole website especially for this one reel? Yes, off course! After an impressive and award winning career this reel deserves it! Through whole Europe the RedArc has established itself to become one of the most valued reels over the last decades. Next to the astonishing red colour of this reel, it is also much appreciated by a large number of anglers because of its advance technical specifications.

FOR NEARLY 5 YEARS this reel has formed a firm and beloved position in the SPRO assortment as well as in the assortment of many tackle shops. This will stay as it is. SPRO focuses on only supplying those products that last for years and add an extra value to the angler in any possible way. Join and win!

The competition for the RedArc has begun! The prolific character of the reel has shown itself on many received photos. Therefore this competition... Make you super photos of a ‘fishy scene’, send them to us and you might win one of the many prices, for example a RedArc limited edition or a unique RedArc cap. Please not that the caps are not for sale and can only be won in this photo competition!

In the meanwhile you can have a look at the received photos in the Gallery!

One of the most valued reels of the last decades...

In the whole of Europe the RedArc has received excellent feedback. Various German magazines have special ‘test-seals’ that have been granted to the reel to indicate its quality. Feel free to check the results in the chapter Tests.

The BlueBrothers...

The brothers of the RedArc; the BlueArcs are an absolute success as well! With comparable technical specifications this are the perfect choice to use under your rods. Read. Read more about these brothers...

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