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  Cresta Strong Force XH; Brutal Power Pole

The Cresta Strong Force XH is a stiff and lightweight pole that can be used for different situations and is at its best when fishing the ever more popular bream and carp lakes...

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  Spro Hypalite Dropshot & Bottom Jigging in combinatie met de Hypalite 11.000

The Spro Hypalite is a series of rods and reels for the predator angler who is looking for good quality at an affordable price...

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  Salty Beast Hyper Eel

The Salty Beast Hyper Eel is a top lure when it comes to Pollack, cod and coalfish.

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  Ikiru Crank: a versatile little plug for strong current

Last summer I fished the river a lot and this means heavy current and some serious water and cruising speed too. Then you need to look for hard bait that can handle these circumstances...

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  De ZA-PowerCaster

At SPRO, development and design is done by specialists who understand the product, its function, the materials and the technique...

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  Insync 2.0 more accurate more sensitive.

Casting further, more accurately, lighter and more sensitive with a larger variety of lures, that’s the new generation Insync 2.0 rods in a nutshell. 

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  The Mega Shad

The Mega Shad 200 is a great lure for halibut and giant cod. With its 20cm it has just the right size for these two species. And what to think about big coalfish, they won’t let ‘m go untouched either!

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  Cresta SpeedPellets

Since the successful launch of Cresta SpeedFeed Pellets we have spent time intensively developing the perfect imitation pellet. The result is incredible! The new Cresta SpeedPellets resemble real pellets and sink in the same way.

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  The New Saltwater Casting Monster: The Zalt-S

At times large distances bring greater rewards and a good rod and reel make all the difference. The new saltwater proof Zalt-S is the latest addition to the SPRO saltwater range...

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  Mega Baitmixer

The Cresta Mega Bait Mixer is a durable tool especially developed for mixing ground bait. Use while adding water and continuously mixing to get a fluffy and attractive ground bait...

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  Deadbait tips

Whether you are pike fishing from the bank or a boat, in my opinion your equipment should at least contain a number of important items for the welfare of fish and angler...

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  Spro Addiction Shad

The Addiction rod series offers a wide range of rods for light tackle fishing for predators; from an ultra-light micro lure blank to  heavier rod for medium-size shads. For the past few months I have been intensively using the Shad Special 218...

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  Mega Shad

While browsing through the SPRO catalogue my attention was caught by a new shad that at first sight looked very interesting. After a short search I found them, bought then and actually could not wait to go out fishing with them...

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  Trolling with the Pike Trolling Float

In spring and autumn I like trolling natural bait. In both periods predators are building-up their reserves; in the spring because they are just ready spawning and in autumn because they are preparing for the winter...

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  Entering my Top 5: the Bony Shaker

On the same day that Yvo landed a seatrout he handed me a couple of the new Bony Shakers. I liked them but for many years I have a passion for shads with a lot of action...

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