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  Spro’s new titan: the Giant Flapper

Many predator anglers will be pleased to hear that the new Spro Giant Flapper is out now, simply because it is such a great and fish producing softbait. Henk Simonsz and Yvo Bindels tested them a whole season...

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  Wob Shads and Darter Jigheads

The Wob Shad is one of the best shads that I fished so far. It teasingly wobbles its body side to side, left to right and also the tail is detriment to the effective action...

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  Fishing the Fireball! (part 2)

The Fireball can – at times – be very successful but how do you make the perfect bait presentation using dead bait?

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  Fishing the Fireball! (part 1)

Fishing the fireball can, at the right time, secure catches you would never be able to reach with a conventional lure...

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  Dutch National Youth Team becomes World Champion!!!

In the first week of May, the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, in France were the stage of the world championship surf fishing. The SPRO/Sportvisserij Nederland Youth Team managed to become world champion!!!

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  Spro ZA-Power

Recently, the new ZA -Power reels were launched. In addition to the sturdy design and solid engineering, this gem offers great value for money to make your mouth water!

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  Cresta Fighting Strong

Fishing commercial ponds has become immensely popular in recent years. These ponds often have a high stock of carp and/or bream and it is definitely worth the challenge of bagging up a serious net full during a session...

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  Looking back at VISMA 2014

The most recent and successful VISMA exhibition is has come to an end. It started on Friday 28th and especially the Saturday and Sunday were well visited and pleasantly busy...

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  Barbel Unhookingmat

When fishing for barbel there is one piece of gear thing that should not be missed in the total equipment; an unhooking mat! Where for carp fishing this is considered the norm already, in barbel-country it still is not – and wrongfully so...

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  Fishing & Hunting Show Moscow

Between February 26th and March 2nd the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow was the stage for the 35th International “Hunting and Fishing in Russia” Exhibition...

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  ZaltArc HD

The new ZaltArc HD (Heavy Duty) is esspecially developed for fishing in the Norwegian fjords. This powerful reel has a supple, super fine adjustable front drag, a strong main shaft and is saltwater proof...

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  Spro Rod Sox, damn handy!

There are sometimes products of which you think: “What would that be good for?" And then – once you use it you say: "That's so damn convenient!" A typical example of such a product is the SPRO Rod Sox.

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  Neoprene Hip Waders

Many anglers use hip waders, but only too often the ease of use and quality leaves much to be desired. Some waders are even tough to get into, especially when you have a take!

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  Making a Dead Bait Trace

You can buy very good ready-made traces in the shop. So why would you start fiddling around making your own? The most important reason is that you can make your own perfect trace for a specific venue, situation of time. If you have the right gear it is easy to make them.

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  Not sexy but super effective: the GummiMakk rig

This rig always works for me when coalfish stay at greater depths. They normally stay in the bottom half of the water column, meaning between the bottom and mid-water. By using a 600cm long GummiMakk rig, I am able to fish a deeper stretch in a short period of time making it easier to find fish quickly.

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