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  Topelastic tips by Jan Verbruggen

On exhibitions and open-door-days I often hear anglers talk about the ever returning problems of the first few centimetres of the elastic. Regularly you need to cut off a section simply because it is damaged...

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  ‘The Fuzz’ – bottom rig

When I use a bottom rig combined with natural bait, I also want this trace with the baitfish hanging in, looking as natural as possible...

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  Spro Komodo Shad, a must-have shad for every lure angler!

Back in November 2012 I got some Komodo Shads to try out. I was impressed when I saw them and with 45 fish on the first day of using them I could only speak of a successful test... 

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  Spro Dead Bait Float, part 2: The ‘Pike Blade Float’

In the last article I have explained how to use the Pike Cigar Float for dead bait ledger fishing...

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  Cresta SpeedFeed: de perfecte expander

The Cresta SpeedFeed Expander Pellets are the ideal hook bait but also work fine as feeding pellets. Before using them you should soak them for 45-60 minutes. The pellets absorb the water...

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  Spro Deadbait dobbers

Apart from looking good, the new Spro dead bait floats are of great quality too. They are made with FOAM material and can take a beating. The advantage of this material is that when you cast...

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  Spro’s new titan: the Giant Flapper

Many predator anglers will be pleased to hear that the new Spro Giant Flapper is out now, simply because it is such a great and fish producing softbait. Henk Simonsz and Yvo Bindels tested them a whole season...

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  Wob Shads and Darter Jigheads

The Wob Shad is one of the best shads that I fished so far. It teasingly wobbles its body side to side, left to right and also the tail is detriment to the effective action...

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  Fishing the Fireball! (part 2)

The Fireball can – at times – be very successful but how do you make the perfect bait presentation using dead bait?

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  Fishing the Fireball! (part 1)

Fishing the fireball can, at the right time, secure catches you would never be able to reach with a conventional lure...

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  Dutch National Youth Team becomes World Champion!!!

In the first week of May, the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, in France were the stage of the world championship surf fishing. The SPRO/Sportvisserij Nederland Youth Team managed to become world champion!!!

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  Spro ZA-Power

Recently, the new ZA -Power reels were launched. In addition to the sturdy design and solid engineering, this gem offers great value for money to make your mouth water!

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  Cresta Fighting Strong

Fishing commercial ponds has become immensely popular in recent years. These ponds often have a high stock of carp and/or bream and it is definitely worth the challenge of bagging up a serious net full during a session...

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  Looking back at VISMA 2014

The most recent and successful VISMA exhibition is has come to an end. It started on Friday 28th and especially the Saturday and Sunday were well visited and pleasantly busy...

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  Barbel Unhookingmat

When fishing for barbel there is one piece of gear thing that should not be missed in the total equipment; an unhooking mat! Where for carp fishing this is considered the norm already, in barbel-country it still is not – and wrongfully so...

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